Unlearning white feminism: 7 articles by BIPOC to start with

An article for fellow white folk committing to anti-racism

Photo by Shaojie, Unsplash

A disclaimer

The little things count. Language is one, although it’s not exactly ‘little’

Why the word ‘universal’ is problematic

Self-educating in anti-racism: where to start?

What is white feminism?

A white feminist calls on the patriarchy in times of need, using whiteness to their advantage at the expense of BIPOC lives

The colonisation of minds with white ideas of ‘beauty’ and a woman’s worth

White feminism does not acknowledge that a woman of colour will experience far more forms of oppression in her lifetime than a white woman

Adultification is an example

Committing to anti-racism

Understanding intersectional feminism

Being an intersectional, anti-racist feminist

Transparently acknowledging one’s privilege and using it as a tool for change, not a weapon to serve self-interest

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